New Features

Note Under Construction – Graphics, descriptions and features added over the coming week or so.. Check back later

The 4D Library has been developed extensively over the Covid Isolation Period.

All new example project for version 24

2020 has been an unusual year for everybody. But even Pre-Covid-19, I had become 100% focused on the 4D Library after finishing my work as a BIM manager. This new focus has created a ground breaking upgrade for many reasons.  

But possibly the most important part of this years upgrade is the Example project and resulting template that have been created for version 24: from the ground up. This is the first time I have put my 12 years experience as an ArchiCAD BIM manager to use, and created a template specifically for release with the 4D Library. 

This new example project will showcase many of the features of the 4D Library plus best practice usage of ArchiCAD 24.

  1. Using ArchiCAD in a ‘modern’ manner. With Priority Based Connections and profile modifiers improving the way we model
  2. Using the curtain wall tool to create Sycon type cladding for wall and ceilings.
  3. Using the Railing tool to create modern fencing styles and balustrades  
  4. Labelling of 4D tools with notes on their use. This intension of this example project is to become a huge and beautiful – ArchiCAD and 4D Library help file!
  5. The International/Australian pen set has been used, with every 4D Library parts default set to suit. This means a user can easly move from a 4D Library part to a part in the Object Library – like stairs and handrails, with no issues with pens and colours.
  6. The project has been setup as a ‘Renovation’. With an ‘Existing Plan’ together with a ‘New’ and ‘Demolition’ plan
  7. This project will be ready a few weeks after the library has shipped.  But you can preview the project pdf here THE-PASTICHE-WIP.pdf (174 downloads) … but of course the complete pln and a published pdf file will become available soon.


Example Project 24

Sectional View

New Library Features

Almost every Interface has been updated with rich 2d and 3d representation pages. Along with consistent pens and materials set for every single library part. Aligning all 4D Library settings with the International and Australian pens and materials. The good news is existing users can continue with no interruptions. Because of technology introduced over the last few versions, no placed library parts or favourites will be effected by this huge change. 

All New zone tool

  • All the great features of the old 4D zone tool
    • Re-orderable text
    • Property display
    • Boxed text
    • NCC Energy reporting
  • But with full text editing – wrapping text – Leading – Line Spacing – Width – Alignment – Anchor
  • Ready for the new v24 Python scripts – the zone size below (5.71×4.88) has been set automatically by a new Python script.. See here to download the zone size python script.

Note the wrapping hotspots

Note the text editing…

Cupboard Assembly –

Corner entire cabinets – internally or externally or at any angle. The resulting cabinet work can be either mitred, or end panels set to either side. Note: The kitchen below has been modelled using only 3 Cupboard assembly parts

This entire kitchen created with 3 Library parts – Oven, rangehood, sink and laminated panelling included

This video gives a quick demonstration of the new features.

Universal Notes.

This tool enables your office to have consistent but easily updated notes spread amongst all your files. All while having flexible font and text box settings. Its similar to linking your standard notes to a module, but without all the restrictions a module creates. A similar part was developed for my old work place years ago, but this new and improved version is ready for the big time.

Each universal note is linked to text file that can be either loaded with the library or located in a fixed position on your network. Different universal notes are available for Floorplan, elevations, layouts and site plans. But because the linked text file is easily changed, you can create universal notes for any type of document.

An example of the Universal notes usage. The below screen shot contains a line ‘REFER TO ADDENDA FOR ALL INTERNAL WALL FINISHES’. But perhaps your office next year decides to replace the word ‘ADDENDA’ with ‘CONTRACT DOCUMENTS’. Simple edit the linked text file and every project with that note will automatically be updated. !! 



File linking and general setup

Choose your required note

Waffle Slab Tool (Accessory) 

A dedicated tool to instantly create waffle slabs. Complete with footings – ribs and pods. Every edge is adjustable and the setout of the pods easily modified to suit engineering. Up to 17 different edge types can be created. The means the one favourite can potentially allow for every scenario that your office could create. In the screen shots below, note that the foam insulation is actually part of the tool. You just model the slab portion and the complete waffle is created underneath.



Curtain wall furring channels

Create cladding on any angle and shape using the Curtain Wall tool, and easily add standard furring channels. Great for Scyon type claddings with express joints. As per the new Example project above. Favourites have been created for easy setup.

Furring Channels



Fence and Railings

New Fence and Railing part. Now you can attach your fencing to ArchiCAD elements like walls and meshes. Using all the usual picket options with a few extras added for 24. Gothic, triangular, trident, spear, pool loops, splayed and bevel are all available. Favourites have been created for many different fencing types, which are a great starting point for your own customised types.

Fencing UI

Splayed top

Gothic Pickets


Now available in windows – perfect for the ‘Hampton’ look. Including swings in floor plan and full model view option control

Shutter Plan view

Internal Appearance

External Appearance

Interface Page


Improved UI in roof accessories – gearing up for an international release of a 4D Accessories bundle.







Smaller tweaks

Thickening – ability to multiple along a line

Elevation height line – reference text can now be before or after the text

Course height marker – can now reference any story – not just Project Zero or a Reference Level

Interface dimensions changed to red for clarity when used in ‘Dark Mode’ (Experimental only)

Internal Doors with lift off hinges show door head and frame correctly, also now with a door stop option 

Roof and Wall accessories – Recoding of 3d battens, preventing the unwanted visibility of 3D lines.. at some angles.

ALL NEW PEN sets as default. Using the international pens. Mappings to be published

Simplified installation. No need to use the Setup utility anymore. Just load the library and you’re good to start

Asked by Graphisoft to create a python script for publishing.. most important one did not make the cut!!