4D Library 22 – New Features 

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  • ‘WALL CLADDING 4D’ All sorts of claddings can be easily applied to composite walls. Custom orb, hex rib, even custom profiles, weatherboards, sheeting with express joints – anything Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Download the Help File (PDF) of the new Wall Claddings 4D here  A005-WALL-CLADDINGS.pdf (973 downloads)

All the claddings on the above project have been done using the ‘Wall Claddings 4D’. The vertically aligned wall sheets, the express jointed panels to the lower right, the small weatherboards, the custom vertical timber panels (Using custom profiles) and the weird screen with the elliptical openings


  • ‘Architraves’ Architraves can now be applied to 100% of all 4D Library external windows and doors. Architraves can now be automatically run around the internal and external of the doors and windows. This now includes the Windows and doors with complex heads, sidelights, the iOpening and the Niche and shapes Library part. All manner of shaped windows.  In most cases the grain of the Architrave will follow the shape of the window (Unless the openings curve is extreme,)



  • “REPEATER OBJECT” This new object makes it very easy to create custom screens and the like. Simply create a profile in the profile editor (make available to objects) and the select the profile in the object – set the number across and up and your good to go!!


  • “GLASS AND PROFILE BLOCKS”.. The ages old ‘Glass Blocks Window’ has been renamed with a new improved interface and the ability to use profiles as the blocks. The image block shows a single ‘Glass Blocks’ window creating an offset pattern of a profile

  • “ROOFING 4D UPGRADE” One of the most popular tools in the 4D Library has a couple of great new features. 1. You can now apply custom sheeting profiles to your roof. 2. Gutters can now extend up gable and spandrel ends 3. Valleys and Ridge caps more realistic. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. : With a few codes changes to the roof tiling – 3D generation is now much faster… my testing shows the 3d window appear after 1 sec…. compared to 32 seconds using the old part (Tested in v22)

Note here the custom sheeting, creating a translucent polycarbonate sheet, and the gutters running up the gable ends. This is all done very easily – using editable hotspots in floor plan

Ridge Caps now follow the sheets (or tile) overhang into gutters

Gutters easily run up gable ends

Valleys now separated complete with valley tray

Gutters easily run up spandrel ends

  • CONCRETE SETOUTS These can now be easily turned on and globally set the line type and pen. Each cross-hair point has its position editable via hotspot.

    Wet Area Objects


Setout View… All penetration points are moveable via hotspots


New help files now available for version 22. Over 40 pages of help files have been created, all now newly formatted and updated for v22

Here are a couple of examples of the new help files.

4D Roofing Accessory – Automate you roofing A004-4D-Roofing-1.pdf (996 downloads)

Label Maker 4D – Powerful Labelling tool  A006-Label-Maker-and-Course-Ht-Label.pdf (627 downloads)

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