Advanced Tools for Archicad


02| Vanity 4D

General Description: Major library part with hundreds of options combining for thousands of different variations. Unique Qualities: Hotspot Adjustable mirrors sizes and placement, adjustable hob, bowl position,   multiple mirrors, adjustable door sizes, centre-left-right drawer options, visible P-trap options

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08| Mirror 4D

General Notes: Mirror part used with vanity or can be placed individually Advanced Functions: Five mirror types – Framed, bevel edged, screw domes, corner clips and bevelled edged with screw domes.  Has dashed line from corner to corner of mirror.

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10| Valet Basin 4D

General Notes: Slim vanity, with shroud options Advanced Functions: Ajustable mirror as per stand alone mirror, new modern p-trap options.

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17| Vanity Bowl 4D

General Notes: Parametric Vanity Bowl, completely stretchy with square, round cylinder and cone shapes available Advanced Functions:  Two types P-Trap’s can be added. Many different taps available, bench and wall mixers or spouts and pillar taps. Tap position is fully adjustable.  Text can be attached to 2d Symbol.

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