Advanced Tools for Archicad


02| Wall Oven Stack 4D

General Notes: Laminated wall oven stack with many options. Advanced Functions: 4 adjustable sections each with 6 options, pot drawers, cupboard with doors, oven, shelves, wine rack and empty.  All levels have many adjustable parameters like number of pot drawers, number of shelves, size of oven and postion of knobs. Oven Stack Interface

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03a| Kitchen Sink 4D

General Notes: Parametric sink – with adjustable bowl sizes Advanced Functions: Clever dashed line shown in elevation to view bowl position in front of cupboards. Plan text option.

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04| Fridge 4D

General Notes: Parametric fridge set in cupboard with side panels. Advanced Functions: Option to have a cupboard with adjustable doors over the fridge. Fridge/Freezer options. Fridge/Freezer can be shown as a dashed box.

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08| Microwave Recess 4D

General Notes: Microwave recess cabinet with drawer or cupboard underneath. Advanced Functions: All the usual functions of 4D cabinets

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Hotplate 4D

General Notes: Parametric hotplate with fully adjustable burner positions – highly detailed 3d representation Advanced Functions: Comlete with variable number of burners, burners can be gas, electric or induction. Additional burner options, improved interface.

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