Advanced Tools for Archicad


Q. How do I get an electrical legend using the 4D library parts

A. To insert a new schedule into your project, goto the document menu\schedules and listing\schedules\scheme settings. Click ‘import’ from the dialog and open “Electrical Legend 12” from the 4D Library\4D Interactive Schedules folder. Now, open the Project Map and drag the Electrical Legend on to your layout. You can then modify the Criteria of the schedule to look at your particular layer for the electrical parts, and many other options

Q. How to I create my own electrical symbols and have them show in the legend

A. Use “Custom Components”!.  Create a 2D symbol using ArchiCAD 2D Fills and Lines. Select them then go to the file menu\Libraries and Objects\Save Custom Component.. From the preceeding dialog, save as a “Object” component and save to your library. Now open a 4D Electrical part, select custom component as the type then select the component name from the pull out menu. (This name will go through to the electrical legend)