Advanced Tools for Archicad


Installing the 4D is a very simple process. Windows and Mac users will be provided with an installer tailor made specifically for them. This installer should be kept safe and backed up. At any stage the installer can be run again to set up the 4D Library.

If you are still having problems try using the 4D Library Setup utility. This ArchiCAD object is found in the MACROS folder of the library.

1. Start ArchiCAD and Load the 4D Library

2. Open the ‘Object’ tool. (The chair icon!). Then select the 4D Library Setup Utility from the macros folder


Then click the ‘Setup 4D Library Now’ button








If you can’t see the settings page. Just use the parameters of the object. The top parameter is called ‘Create File’ check this box – it will seem to not work – but it has 🙂

Next go back to ArchiCAD and ‘Rebuild and Regenerate’ this can be achieved by going to the view menu, down the bottom go to refresh, then hold the ‘option or alt’ key, then ‘Rebuild and Regenerate’