Advanced Tools for Archicad

Permissions Issues

Windows 7 and Vista have ‘Special Needs’. For the 4D Library to be fully functional (eg. Create window and door schedules and export to the BCA Calculator spreadsheet) ArchiCAD needs to be set to RUN as Administrator. Note this is not your user account – its the .exe itself. To do this is very simple.

1. Set ArchiCAD.exe found in Program FilesGraphisoftARchiCAD 13 or 14  to run as administrator. Right click on ArchiCAD.exe (Note you will only see .exe if file extensions are set to ‘show’) then go to properties and from the ‘Compatibility’ Tab, check the box,”run this program as an administrator.”
Here is a screen shot. The check box if under the heading ‘Privilege Level’

Right click on ArchiCAD.exe

Right click on ArchiCAD.exe


Set permissions on a Mac (sometimes required) –

1. Select the Graphisoft folder in ‘Applications’

2. Press Command i

3. Check that permissions are set to ‘Read & Write’

4. Then ‘apply to enclosed items’ to get all contents of the folder set